HUE // Fall 2023

Adriana Andia

Graphic Design 

DoughNotes is like a colorful journey into Bolivian culture and creativity, carefully put together to make you feel inspired. The box design consists of a Bolivian pattern on the inside and outside , and a warm deep red color that reminds you of Bolivian traditions. When you open the box, you'll find a special notebook inside. It's there for you to write down anything you want, like your thoughts or even a recipe you want to remember. The deep red color is inside too, making it feel cozy.

Look closer, and you'll see sticky notes, perfect for quick notes to yourself. There are markers too, so you can highlight the important stuff. Additionally, some baking tools to inspire you to try something new in the kitchen, connecting back to the Bolivian bakery theme.

Finally there's a surprise – stickers with positive sayings in both English and Spanish. These stickers aren't just cute; they're like little reminders to stay positive, just like the warmth and friendliness of Bolivian culture. DoughNotes isn't just about stationery; it's about bringing a bit of Bolivian happiness and creativity to your everyday life. Every item inside is picked to make you smile, inspire you, and bring the cozy feeling of Bolivian traditions to your day!