kaleidoscope // spring 2023

Aimee Lee

studio art

Seasonal Love
Seasonal Love is a series of four large-scale portraits that portray the personification of the four seasons and the Greek philosophy of love in different subgenres of fantasy. The portraits are made up of mixed media ranging from cotton, tissue paper, leaves, and more.

In the first piece, Eros and Spring represent romantic, passionate love in a historical fantasy era. Summer and Philia portray platonic love that unites them despite coming from different worlds. Storge and the Fall Family illustrate the familial love shared between them regardless of their origins. Lastly, Winter is depicted alongside a mural of Agape to represent unconditional love.

As a mixed media artist, I am influenced by various media, especially myths and folklore. I believe it allows us to connect our reality with fiction through art. Seasonal Love conveys folklore elements with modern themes such as LGBTQIA+ and subcultures.