HUE // Fall 2023

Asantewaa Kumi

Graphic Design // // @akumidesigns

Motivated by my passion for education and language, I envisioned and developed "Kasa," an innovative app dedicated to teaching West African dialects. As a second-generation immigrant, my lack of proficiency in these dialects has been a persistent source of personal conflict, creating a sense of disconnection from my cultural roots. Crafting this app became my means to not only grasp elements of these languages but also to delve into the rich tapestry of the associated cultures.

"Kasa" represents more than just a language-learning platform; it's a welcoming space designed to empower individuals from the West African diaspora. It serves as a bridge for self-education, fostering a sense of belonging and pride by showcasing imagery and representations that reflect the diverse faces and experiences of the community. Through this app, I aim to cultivate a place where individuals like me can embrace their heritage, learn, and feel a renewed sense of connection to their cultural lineage.