HUE // Fall 2023

Bahar Kazi

studio art // // @baharsbook

The Lapis Inheritance Series
My mother’s family has been at the forefront of my recent work. The long history of conflict in my mother country of Afghanistan has resulted in a serious lack of written record. This led me to become an investigator and I began doing research by locating scarce archives, holding family interviews, and sorting through rare family photos. My aim is to create work that acts as a visual record of the Kazi family history with a focus on the experience of being woman. The Lapis Inheritance Series is inspired by the strength shown by the four Kazi sisters in their battle for their rightful inheritance and share of the family’s legacy. The dispute is aggravated by male members of the family, the instability of Afghan rule of law, and interference from a powerful western government who continues to exploit vulnerability in the East.