kaleidoscope // spring 2023

Becca Williams

studio art // artisteordinaire.myportfolio.com/ // @theartisteordinaire

Human expression in the form of art is a fascinating study.

The entire world of art is a form of magic; the perfect medium to not only deliver a message but especially to deliver a story. Being able to express see how people view work back in the process, hearing the audience’s reaction to a work of art, analyzed in different ways, and conjuring different emotions that are influenced by each person’s individual psyche... Storytelling is a powerful tool in art.

Art should not just be used to convey a completely political meaning or have an agenda, but art should be used to engage the viewer, tell a story, or trigger an emotion from the audience. Art should focus more on accepting the expression of a person's emotions and life, in many different mediums.

With this video piece, I am displaying abstract animation in video projection accompanied with sound, to visually represent the waves of common human emotions in life. The emotions most prominent in the video being happiness, temptation/intrigue, rage, sadness, isolation, loneliness, and then acceptance.

The video of emotions loop in a cycle, as portrayed as well in the video. In the gallery, the video is projected up on to a mirror, and then on to a screen on the floor.