HUE // Fall 2023

Brianna Camp

studio art // @bripaints

Wash Over
One theme that consistently resurfaces in my life is learning how to practice acceptance. Letting go has always been a challenge for me. This shows up in different ways, like trying to push through chronic pain. Or not being able to be myself in social settings because I am so worried about being liked by others. Or judging my thoughts, feelings, and grieving process. I want to be carefree, but I actually care a lot about everything, all the time.

Through my art practice, I have discovered the immense peace that can come with acceptance. Leaning into pain instead of fighting it gives me a chance to catch my breath. Allowing myself to experience any thought or emotion without judgment, from anxiety to numbness, gives me permission to be human. When I am finally able to give up some control, everything starts becoming clearer and falls into place.

This double-sided oil painting is a set of self-portraits that will remain outside for the duration of the exhibition. The piece changes with each passing moment as it interacts with the weather and the fluctuating environment. As the viewer interacts with the piece, and subsequently becomes a part of it in that moment, my hope is that they allow themselves to just be.