HUE // Fall 2023

CJ Davis

Studio Art // // @cjdavisarts

Sacrifices Made with Love is Tradition
"Sacrifices Made with Love" is a profound 9-part acrylic painting series inspired by my background being Mexican American, my grandmother and mother. I aim to capture the nuanced narrative of the woman immigrant experience. In rebellion against the white feminist lens, this series champions an intersectionality perspective, emphasizing the vital influence of cultural traditions in the lives of women. Set against the backdrop of Mexican culture, where women are revered as household matriarchs, the series begins with the sacrifices inherent in immigration, portraying the resilience and love that drive individuals to pursue a better life, and embracing the traditions in caring for a household.

"Sacrifices Made with Love" goes beyond adversity, portraying the empowered role of women as the bearers of tradition. I want to celebrate the strength derived from cultural roots and the continuity of heritage. In my 9 pieces, I want the series to encapsulate a profound odyssey from sacrifice to the proud embrace of cultural legacies, resonating with the universal theme of love as the driving force behind the immigrant experience.