HUE // Fall 2023

Carla Keller

studio art // // @cdkphoto.img

Inspired by the Conceptualism and Surrealism art movements, my photographs reflect the concepts and aesthetics of film photography using a mirrorless digital camera, special effects filters, and long exposures with minimal post-processing. 23 is a collection of twenty-three introspective self-portraits investigating identity with the moods accompanying each extrospective reflection of myself. How people showcase themselves on social media is fascinating because we tend to put on a public persona that may be different than who we are in our private lives. This idea of public versus private self is a continual investigation throughout my artmaking. The visuals are inspired by Ira Cohen’s psychedelic Mylar Chamber series, Nan Goldin’s revealing documentative photography, Cindy Sherman’s self-portraits, and Jake Wangner’s portrait film photography.

When I took a darkroom class in high school, the nature of creating pictures changed the way I viewed photography; the unexpected yet intentional results enraptured me and inspired how I approach digital photography. The number 23 is meaningful to me because it is my birthdate and the birthdate of my late father and some very dear friends; associated with the planet Uranus, known for its eccentricity and unpredictability; represents transformation, spiritual growth, and innovation in numerology; and the number of this year, which is the year of the rabbit: my Chinese zodiac sign. The installation reflects the veil that protects my inner reality; the photos are in a variety of sizes and groups, representing the complexity of emotions in the expansive galaxy of my mind. These photographs reflect my introverted personality and ruminating mood, vulnerably revealing the heart of my soul.