HUE // Fall 2023

Chaela Liebl

studio art // // @chaela_sunnix

A Compendium of Ryngan
I am a multi-media artist working primarily in oil paint and bookbinding. My art is inspired by the what I see in nature, the illusions that can be created using art, and both fictional and historical mysteries. Being an artist allows me to create my own stories and illusions, using art, of what the world is or could be. I enjoy creating both decorative and practical objects because I feel that making something by hand allows for a deeper bond and stronger attachment to the object. Experimenting with different styles and mediums allows me to learn more about myself, other people, and what makes something art.

My favorite painting medium is oil paint, which I nearly always use a palette knife with instead of a paint brush. This requires me to mix colors on a palette and allows me to create a strong difference between sharp contrast and soft blending. Color is very important to me in painting, and my aim is to recreate what I see and feel using color and the effects it has on people.

When bookbinding, I like to experiment with different techniques and explore how the construction of a book can affect the presentation of the content. I make both personal sketchbooks or notebooks and artist books.