HUE // Fall 2023

Christian Tweedy

graphic design // // @Allstarjack.001

Slayers of the Wicked
So originally for this project I wanted to do an animation somewhat similar to an anime but throughout the project I realized I was aiming too high when it came to how long I had. So then I decided maybe something half animation and have comic book eventually it whittled down to just a comic, but even then I realized the story I wanted to tell would be too big for the amount of time I had so I decided to illustrate the characters and create some illustrations that could encompass the feel I would want to bring in that comic. But at the end of the day I still have blueprints and storyboards for animations and comics that I never got to finish what I did finish was character sheets for all the characters I was going to use and character illustrations. Overall and at the end of the day I just hope this gets me a job, the basic idea for this was that I wanted to show my illustration skills and what you can learn on your own when it comes to illustration because that's how I always been, when it comes to art I've had to teach myself never had any classes like that, the only classes I've had are for graphic design so hopefully you can see my love for my references and my inspirations through my pieces and hopefully someone sees this and offers me a job.