HUE // Fall 2023

Cindy Yanira Quinteros

graphic design // // linkedin

The American Reality
As a first generation student, I felt compelled to create something many of us can relate to. This project centers around the concept of the American Dream and how it could be deceiving.

I explored this false concept through the lens of Latino immigrants whose dreams were to come to the United States of America and strive which is a hard thing to do in their country. Many Latino immigrants believe that coming to America will fix the problems they experience at home. They face issues of poverty, lack of freedom and opportunities, as well as face the difficulties of living their daily lives.

Through the booklet created, I present the shorter versions of what Latino immigrants believed they would be experiencing once they land in America. By viewing the map and the quotes presented, we realize they are hit with the harsh reality of living in America and how it eats away the dreams they had back home.

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