HUE // Fall 2023

Ellie Pierpoint

graphic design // // @elliepiedesign

Strength Through Stationery
Strength Through Stationery is a fully customized stationery box aimed to help those with mental health issues through the power of stationery specially curated for each customer, showing the positive impact of art in one's daily life. Through filling out a simple online form, the preferences and struggles of each STS customer are heard, and a completely unique box of daily stationery that includes their favorite colors, animals, motivational quotes, and more is designed and sent to them, in order to give them the strength to get through each day with every single use.

Each box includes custom memo pads, washi tapes, sticker sheet, bookmark, pens, thank you card, and specific items related to mental health emergencies such as national crisis hotlines and calming techniques. These two box displays focus on the example answers of (1) Frogs, Spring, Pastels, and Anxiety and (2) Cats, Fall, Earth Tones, and Depression.