HUE // Fall 2023

Emely Ramos

studio art // // @p3rfectly3volved

Flowers of Dreams
This is a series of realistic portraits of people who are my friends and are important figures in my life. My friend is illustrated in a positive light where they are portrayed as a person with significance, similar to how in the Renaissance era where people with status had their portrait done. The portraits will have a colorful romantic style of art to showcase how at times I can romanticize and glorify my friends. I also choose to add red and gold since throughout history, those colors were used for religious figures. I choose to portray them from my perspective since I have heard my friends always mention insecurity about themselves and despite how many times I debunk that thought. That insecurity is a core belief within them to the point it becomes their truth. This is why I wanted to draw them in a positive light that is my perspective of them. Each friend will have different types of flowers around them to represent their unique personalities. Their personalities are represented as flowers to show how their uniqueness is beautiful.