kaleidoscope // spring 2023

Emily Fields

studio art 

With this series, I have chosen to explore the idea that seemingly mundane settings can be increasingly personal and significant the more time one takes to slow down and absorb them. Places we all interact with on a daily basis: a roommate’s desk, your bathroom sink, the fridge in the garage, these all have objects and connections that mean something to their owner, whether or not it is obvious at a quick first glance. Everyone has intimate memories, individual affairs, and private interests associated with certain objects that may mean the world to them, but nothing to someone else, and I am fascinated by that. We often seek out big and exciting things, but I feel that the dull and unvarying parts of life can be the most special. With this idea in mind, I have decided to showcase both the chaotic, nonchalant, and fast-paced view of the world in the form of unfocused abstractions of reality, as well as the calm and attentive view as detailed still lifes with visual emphasis on the importance of small things.

I enjoy making big, clear marks in my work that highlight simplicity, while still leaving the opportunity for a possible personal connection without confusing distractions. This made for an easy choice of using oil paint and oil pastel on canvas for this series, with their ability to adapt and make straightforward strokes.