HUE // Fall 2023

Jessica Huynh

graphic design // // @jess.pumpkin

Lồng đèn
Lồng đèn is a lantern kit where anyone can make paper lanterns to decorate their house or have a fun and simple activity. I wanted to make my project memorable and what's really special to me is my culture. I am Vietnamese and have always loved celebrating the Lunar New Year with my family. We would play games, decorate the house with firecrackers, flowers, and lanterns, dress up in our traditional Vietnamese dresses, and the best part, receive red envelopes.

To incorporate the elements of the Lunar New Year, I made the package as a red envelope using a thin chipboard and wrap the design onto it. The design of the envelopes I have provided is a different animal from the Vietnamese zodiac. One is the pig, the year my mom was born, and the other is the horse, the year my dad was born. Underneath those animals is the brand name, lồng đèn, as well as a lantern attached to the end of the letter "n". The back of the envelope is a small background about what I would do during the Lunar New Year and a hint of what the envelope holds. Inside, you will find the materials needed for this kit which is only paper. The directions and stickers are also inside the envelope.