HUE // Fall 2023

Julia Naworol

graphic design // // @_jn.design_

Sun & Moon: Monthly Crystal Box (Gemini Edition)
Sun & Moon started with an appreciation for the aesthetic of tarot cards.
Instead of focusing on the cards alone, this idea evolved into a subscription-based witchy box inspired by the zodiac signs. This edition showcases the month of the Gemini, featuring a custom box and contents associated with the twins.

The tarot cards come in a randomized mystery pack of three with the intent to be a monthly reading, and showcase hand-drawn illustrations along with a "cheat sheet" card to explain the meanings. The crystals are chosen based on association to the sign and their needs, and the Gemini was assigned ones such as emerald, howlite, celestite, and more. Wearing crystals to harness their energy is common practice, so the box comes with a cage pendant necklace to easily switch between stones as needed. Each crystal is also labeled with a colorful triangle sticker that correlates to the names and explanations found in the booklet.

Yellow is the power color of the Gemini, hence the yellow candle. Happiness is tied to this color, so the label includes an affirmation that can be practiced when lighting it. It can be used for various meditative practices, rituals, or general ambiance. To tie up the contents, hand-drawn stickers are also included and further the magical aesthetic of the package.