HUE // Fall 2023

Julian Anaya

graphic design // @_jln2000

Home Sick
"Home Sick" is a project that delves into the profound impact of gentrification on the cost of rent, emphasizing the fundamental right to housing. Through the medium of guerilla art on refurbished furniture, using wheat paste techniques.

The project aims to evoke a sense of longing and hope, encapsulating the essence of home through various themes like "Home Sick," "A Home 4 Change," and "Justice Everywhere." They incorporate the gritty and urban aesthetic of Guerilla art, enhancing the authenticity and impact on the social issue.

"Home Sick" sheds light on the pressing issue of sustainable housing for marginalized communities. By utilizing illegal or dangerous art forms, the project becomes a form of rebellion against state propaganda and corporate influence, effectively challenging societal norms and advocating for social justice.

This project addresses socio-political concerns and igniting conversations about the struggles faced by the less fortunate. Captivating a blend of creativity, social commentary, and urban aesthetics, "Home Sick" invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of gentrification and the importance of accessible housing.