HUE // Fall 2023

Kaylyn Garvin

studio art

Plagueboy Magazine
My work and passion focus on character designs created by and brought to life through digital illustrations. I utilize bold colors and sharp linework to grab the attention of my audience. Over the past few years, my interest has been drawn towards plague doctors, and I have created a wide body of work using doctors of my own design, encompassing everything from risograph printed comics to 3D animation. For this project, I combine my passion for character design and my longstanding enjoyment of plague doctors with the concept of pinup illustrations to create Plagueboy Magazine, a pun and juxtaposition. Playboy Magazine pinups are one of the archetypal sexual symbols of modern heterosexuality. I deconstruct that archetype by recreating them in a fashion considered absurd by their intended audience. My goal is to make a mockery of their original symbolism. Instead of drawing scantily clad women in sexualized poses, I portray fully clothed, fully obscured, dubiously gendered individuals in the same context. Eroticism can be drawn from many places, and this project will portray sexuality and eroticism without even a hint of bare skin.