HUE // Fall 2023

Kenneth Jones

studio art // // @KPZLife

Our Worst Enemy
I make fan art including anime and video games inspired by shows like Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Dragon Ball Z, that I watched as a kid. These shows have inspired worlds that I would enjoy being a part of due to my eagerness for adventure, especially the Pokémon World. There have been countless times where I wanted to be in it and befriend my favorite Pokémon. This left a big impression on me then; and continues to impact on my life several years later. I typically use digital art such as drawing and 2D/3D animation as my form of media to create pieces. I also dabble in other media such as painting and printmaking. I make the art to express myself when words fail me. I use art to help show what I am trying to say or how I feel. I hope my audiences fully understand what I am trying to convey and see to it that my voice is heard. My work captures this essence. I seek to create new perspectives on the things that reflect how I grew up, such as believing that one can be more than what people think of you; and that you are not meant to be alone in this world.

My future goal is to make animations that leave lasting impressions on people. Ones that make their lives better and have a new outlook on the world. An example of an animation I want to create a series of me if I was in the Pokémon World when the events of Pokémon Black and White take place. To give my perspective of the story of that game. To give my thoughts on situations that take place, to find a better solution to resolve the attempts of segregation of humans and Pokémon that take place in the game.