HUE // Fall 2023

Laura G. Son

graphic design // // @narasia_sunflower

Project Nabi
Made in 2023 with Plywood (Laser-cut), Risograph printing paper, Leather, etc.

Stories are how I communicate with people while providing and sharing information with them. Hence, I created a zine book series to help my readers gain the knowledge and understanding of the message, where I illustrated and write potential yet imaginative worlds, based on the question: "What if?" Through my narratives, I addressed environmental concerns caused mostly by human greed and carelessness, such as animal cruelty, pollution, deforestation, poaching, climate change, habitat loss, etc. Meanwhile, I imagined different scenarios on what the world, our reality, would be like differently, where humanity and nature could co-exist in harmony and acceptance. Using the power of storytelling, I implore my messages and values of education, curiosity, hope, and inspiration to my readers and encourage them to ask questions, consider alternatives, learn to appreciate life, and be patient yet open-minded about change.

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