HUE // Fall 2023

Marco Cespedes

studio art // @marco__cespedes

Draconic Night
Intricacies are seen in nature and in people, as humans we seek to simplify and understand our surroundings and the perspectives of people we interact with. In my oil paintings I explore these connections and intricacies, and try to enable these connections we have with one another through the exploration of visual creativity. My paintings are inspired by cloud watching, as a kid I gazed at the clouds with friends finding images of animals and mythological creatures. As I got older, I continued to find peace in using the clouds as a way to express and practice my creativity visually. As I found solace in these clouds, I thought what if I created a new form of cloud watching in my paintings. I wanted my art to inspire creativity visually for others as nature and people do for me. I centered my art around this appreciation of practicing visual creativity as a means to understand one another.

In my paintings I map out an array of organic shapes throughout the canvas. The composition grows with intricacy as I discover layers of overlapping stories and images, and the colors are used as a means to balance the composition. Similar to when we interact with one another for the first time, my paintings are abstract at first but with some persistence and patience, we can find some connections and images we relate to or can believe. There is a saying “If you can see it, then you can believe it,” I would like to think of my paintings as attempts to help people see their creativity, to believe in their creativity and the creativity in others.