HUE // Fall 2023

Margo Hunt

studio art // @mintyfishuu

Alula Altair: Alien Invasion!!
As an artist with an eclectic style, I aim to make art that inspires others to create and see the world in new ways. I use a mix of bright colors, dynamic poses, and expressive characters and worlds to draw the viewer in. My aim is to show off my wide variety of genres, from eerie to bubbly, to show off the different aspects of our world and see it through a more whimsical lens.

When creating illustrations both digitally and physically, I use poses, techniques, and movement
to make each piece look bouncy and have a sense of movement to it. I want to make sure each drawing has its own sense of life and personality in it so that each character feels alive. Illustration and character design have always been a passion of mine and I wish to move forward in that field. Ultimately, the work I make is meant to move others to create artwork of their own or view the world from a new perspective with the use of art that is both charming and thoughtfully done, and I feel as though my senior project is the perfect example of that.