kaleidoscope // spring 2023

Naol Afework

graphic design // @box0wonders

The Unity of Two Countries
My project is a collection of photos and old recorded films that I have collected and orchestrated with Adobe Photoshop and After effect. The attempt was to use the cartoon effect to render every motion and imagery to make it look like a photo-animated film. I narrated the whole story with my voice in a poem to give a proper understanding for everyone to hear. The plot is about the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea that has brought a lot of traumatic experiences for decades. Now that it reached a ceasefire, there is still unselling drama between the two nations. However, through time, sparks of hope and love have grown into strong families and stable communities.

The inspiration was from my own family and how they have thrived, As well as the Ethiopian. Eritrean. Student. Association here in GMU.