Nari Choe

studio art  // // @nvriprints

I’m a designer that loves to investigate the observable world surrounding me. Through introspection, I begin my creative process by observing my internal thoughts and feelings. I document these ideas through journaling, sketching, or voice recordings. When I go back to review my documentation, I’ll pick apart concepts that inspire me to take action to create artwork.A common creative process I often undergo is the deconstruction of my ego. I always ask myself: who am I? Who am I to others? How can I be more human? What is my perception of the world and its inhabitants? How does the world and its inhabitants perceive me? A lot of my earlier documentation is related to multiple types of perceptions that are directly or indirectly influenced by multiple catalysts of change throughout my lifetime. I am grateful for this timeless opportunity to discover my true authentic self. Through the cycles of change and transformation, I am on an endless search for myself, by myself, for myself. I plan on delivering my learnings through playful visual designs. Recently, I’ve been exploring personal narratives through illustrative storytelling in the form of risograph printed zines.I believe we are all tied by the common thread of the human condition, and our experiences are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. I hope to strengthen my connection with my artwork to help me figure out how I can be more attuned to the absolute truth of my humanity. Extraterrestrial is a collection of illustrated zines that reveal snapshots and recollections from my lifetime in which I found childhood friends in my "otherness", found love through this queer body, discovered spirituality through abstract otherworldly visions, and explored ideas of the self through the perception of others (whilst breaking free from these false ideas). For the 2024 GMU CVPA senior art exhibition, forty editions packaged in envelopes will be available for distribution.