HUE // Fall 2023

Nini Barnes

graphic design // // @bni.paws

There’s a time in life when we look back on things. A moment sometimes left forgotten, but other times it resurfaced as a reminder of how important we are. In Momo’s case, she would guess around when she was five. Her father got worse at controlling her lifestyle, and it caused her to lose her emotions every time her father physically or mentally abused her. Continue to read to see if she gets her emotions back.

I chose a webcomic because, for a long time, I found inspiration in anime and cartoons and wanted to make my own animation. Which is one of the reasons I got into being a graphic designer. However, that slowly began to change due to my first time doing a short stop-and-motion video. I realized that making animation was not for me. And so, instead of following the flow of creating a cartoon, I decided to go with the first stage of creating one. Or more of the development stage after designing the character and their background, and that is making a book. But in this case, a comic. I realized how much fun I had illustrating a simple storyboard or making a comic without text during my illustration class. So, I want to continue that interest and creative style by making this digital comic. Also, promote the first chapter of my webcomic. That way, people know where to find it on webtoons canvas and continue it.