Robin Macielinski

studio art

Self-Made Man
“Self-Made Man” demonstrates classic renaissance-style catholic idolatry reserved for raising figures above the common person turned into a blunt, bloody inescapable mortal reality. Highly revered aspects of the “ethereal perfection” now raises controversial realities of gender nonconformity and disability as the figure becomes their own “act of creation”. The scene is a celebration of recreation in their own image despite the pressures to refrain otherwise, that every bleeding stitch, injection, and morbid act is sacred. Though it may read as self-destruction, this is a moment of self-preservation by doing what it takes in a desperate bid to live despite restriction.
Personal Statement: I often find myself feeling an urge to cut my body open and pull everything out to start over again, dissatisfied with the reality of what my DNA has given me. In its stead, I choose to create and to live despite it.