HUE // Fall 2023

Sana Ali

Studio Art // @ataste0flife

As Above, So Below
I began pondering the idea of birds and how there are a myriad of forms they come in, all representing a different trait known by the qualities they possess. They sit directly between us and the heavens. We are fascinated yet envy their ability to fly. Something about that flight of freedom is beautiful. The theme of duality and contradiction of those two counterparts often fills my work. With Yin and Yang there is light in the dark and dark in the light, indicating the balance of which is needed to have a harmonious life.

There was a big change in concept when you consider a nest versus a birdcage; both are used to house these winged creatures yet one is self made where one can fly freely, the other man made and used as entrapment. In my piece, the colour only shows through the birds and open our eyes to all the possibilities in the unknown. I choose to focus on the light in the darkness rather than the limitations of the cage; I have been free since.