HUE // Fall 2023

Sílvia Rossi

studio art // // @veronikaspoons

The relationships I hold in my life are very important and ever present, so that is one of the biggest themes I incorporate in my work. Just as families have their imperfections, I embrace the imperfections that come with analog methods of creating. Since starting at GMU I’ve worked almost exclusively through traditional means and this project is no exception. I create my prints via a risograph (or “riso”) printer, which requires you to break your image into multiple layers for printing. I typically do that with paper and a lightbox rather than digital programs. While some would be upset that they could never get a “perfect” result with a riso print, I hope for a flawed print and find that much more visually and thematically complex. My senior project addresses all of this in a comic entitled “Regulate”. This story, and the larger Full-Moon Inne series it is a part of, is one about family. What does it mean to be a family? To have one? Juxtaposing these complex questions with a deceptively simple and humorous method of cartooning helps to make them a bit more digestible. Combined with an imperfect printing method, these ideas and themes all work together to make my practice what it is.