HUE // Fall 2023

Sophia Porter

studio art // // @sophiaportography

Through subject matter, I seek to convey timelessness. By taking photos of the mundane, my images are timeless. I photograph scenes that the average person has experienced but does not fully consider as they rush through their daily lives. I photograph suburban scenes and street scenes. My images are detailed. The details within my photographs are only revealed by looking closely at the images multiple times. I have always been interested in capturing images that other people can relate to or places that I want others to experience.

For my senior project, "Retrospective," I revisited five important places in my life. I revisited my childhood home, my elementary school, my daycare, an old town that I visited frequently with my family, and my movie theater. I shot this series on 120mm black and white film on a wide panoramic camera. I know why these places are important to me, however, I want viewers to be able to feel the significance they had in my life. I believe that although these locations are specific to my life, they can be universal to anyone’s life and bring back memories for them as well.