HUE // Fall 2023

Sophia Robillard

studio art // @NightmareDoodle

Hellbound: Fallen
I focus mainly on emotion and outlines to convey the characters that I draw. This series of drawings is no different. It has been inspired by Vivziepop’s Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss in both subject matter and art style. I wish to convey the ‘inner demons’ present in everyone with symbolism and the irony of some characters being demons or monsters themselves. The stories behind these characters that I’ve made are heavily influenced by my own ‘inner demons’ and trauma and are meant as a parallel to my own experiences and worries. I hope to bring up mental health to the viewers in such a way that it normalizes the struggles that many people deal with on a daily basis and helps them be more accepting of oneself and others who may be suffering. Over time, my art and character designs have evolved from being repetitive white people with same-face syndrome and flat personalities, to being much more diverse in both design and personality.

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