HUE // Fall 2023

Stefany L Ojeda

graphic design // // @stefany.ojedam

The Aroma of a Memory
Being away from the place that holds you for some time and moving to another country, where customs and food are different from the one you grew up in, is a challenge at first. Being away from home; the place where you were born, and race. It makes you feel nostalgic. All you want is to embrace those memories, aromas, and moments with family and friends. Food always has that ability to transport you back in time and revive those special moments. Since I was little, I always remember my mother cooking, trying, and learning new recipes. She always has a special connection with the kitchen. My mom can cook a dish from Peruvian cuisine to Italian or Japanese. I would come from school every day to find a hot homemade meal. I will always be grateful for it. This recipe book is about home, traditions, and my culture. All the recipes in this book have been passed from mother to mother, and women to women in my family.

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