HUE // Fall 2023

William VanMeter

graphic design // // linkedin

Oranos: A Tabletop RPG Sourcebook
My project is a tabletop role playing game sourcebook. In short, it’s a travel guide to a place that doesn’t exist. The world is something I’ve been working on in my free time for over a year now, and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to use for my senior project. It has maps, world history and lore, story hooks, and several special items you can give your players in your tabletop games. The world is designed to be able to fit into whatever game system you prefer, whether it be Pathfinder or D&D Fifth Edition. With the book is a set of 3D-printed and hand-painted dice for use in your game, as well as a set of blank character sheets. These are alsp designed to be modular, so you can use them regardless of what system you prefer.

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